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2.1 Due to the nature of our work, we do not offer or imply any sort of standard guarantee. However a guarantees will be provided for certain types of repairs.


3.1 Paintless Dent Repair NI will take every care and reasonable precaution to safeguard your vehicle from damage or theft.

3.2 Vehicles left with Paintless Dent Repair NI will not be driven, other than to be moved around the studio, or to and from the paint shop if there is a paint repair being carried out.. Whilst in our care, the vehicle will be fully comprehensively insured against theft or damage.

3.3 If you ask Paintless Dent Repair NI to collect and/or deliver your vehicle from home or work, you will be asked to fill in and sign an authorisation form. Someone must be present at collection and delivery to acknowledge the relevant time/mileage.

3.4 Where a customer vehicle is to be driven on the public road, it is your responsibility to ensure the vehicle is safe and legal to do so. This includes tax and MOT where appropriate, tyre condition, etc. If at the time of collection, a vehicle is in our opinion un-roadworthy, we reserve the right to refuse to drive it, and no refund of deposit will be due if the booking cannot go ahead as a result.

3.5 When collecting and delivering, we will take the most practical, direct route, allowing for prevailing traffic/weather conditions. Please ensure your vehicle has sufficient fuel to complete the round trip. If we need to purchase fuel, this will be added to your final invoice.

3.6 Your car will be fully comprehensively insured by us whilst on the road, and every reasonable precaution will be taken to ensure its safety.

3.7 Paintless Dent Repair NI will not be held liable for the cost of unforeseeable damage to windscreens or glass as a result of stone damage whilst driving, or tyre punctures/deflation. In any of these events, we will inform you as soon as is possible, to discuss remedial action. Where appropriate, we may choose to have the vehicle recovered back to you, or to our studio.

3.8 Paintless Dent Repair NI will not be held responsible for faults that develop on the car, whilst in our care, that are unrelated to any work we have done. For example, air bag lights (where interior has not been removed) and engine light illumination. In these events, we will inform you as soon as possible.

3.9 Paintless Dent Repair NI will not be held responsible if work cannot be completed due to previous repair work, undisclosed information, or factors that could not be reasonably foreseen or prevented. Paintless Dent Repair NI will not be held responsible for any subsequent loss caused by work not completed within the originally agreed timescale, nor will you be liable for compensation.

3.9.1 Vehicles park outside Paintless Dent Repair NI studio do so at the owners risk, whether during the day or over night.


4.1 At the time of booking, a deposit may be required at a sum of payment of £75.00. This can be made by bank transfer, or credit/debit card or cash. If payment is not received within a reasonable time, the dates will be offered to other clients.

4.2 You may amend the date, or cancel your booking, and receive a full refund, up to 7 days before the date of the booking. This date will be stated on the invoice supplied for your deposit. After this date, no refund will be offered, and the deposit cannot be transferred to another date. To make a new booking, a new deposit will be required.

4.3 Payment of the balance due will be required on the day of completing the work. There are no exceptions to this. Payment can be made by credit/debit card, cash, or by bank transfer in advance (cleared funds must reach our account before your vehicle will be released).

4.4 Where work is being carried out to correct a problem caused by a Third Party, Paintless Dent Repair NI respectfully require that you make full payment upon completion of the work, and it is your responsibility to reclaim your costs from the Third Party.

4.5 Paintless Dent Repair NI reserve the right to put correct any repair work we have carried out that the customers deems unsatisfactory.


4.5.1 Paintless Dent Repair reserve the right to use one of our partner body repair shops to repair work on behalf of Paintless Dent Repair NI.  

4.5.2 If a customer deems work as unsatisfactory and refuses to comply with 4.5 and wish to have any repair redone via another repair shop they forfeit the right to compensation of any and all financial loss they may incur by having the vehicle repaired.

By making a booking, you agree to the terms and conditions set out here.


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