What To Do If You Damage Your Lease Car?

Leasing a car for work or pleasure can be a worrying time, as you are responsible for a car, which is potentially worth a lot of money, that does not belong to you. If you notice a scratch or dent on the lease vehicle before you hand it back you could face a hefty charge.

Check your policy documents or speak to one of the leasing company adviser's and get confirmation what is classed as wear and tear, and what their penalties are for everything outside of wear and tear. You can then quite easily do a quick calculation as to how much the penalties are likely to be.

Should I repair a scratch or dent on my lease car?

Generally speaking it worth having dents and scratches to a lease car repaired before returning it, because the majority of the time SMART repairs will cost you less than the lease company penalties, and the damage will also reduce the cars resell value potentially increasing any negative equity you may have.

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