What Is Insurance Excess?

The excess is the amount you the policy holder have to pay when you make a claim on your policy to have your car repaired after an accident or have been involved in an incident. Car insurance policy excesses generally start at £100.00, but are often higher.


For example if your car insurance policy had a £100.00 excess, and your car received a £1000.00 repair, your insurer will pay the repairer £900.00 and you will pay the other £100.00 (excess) bringing the total t0 £1000.00. These insurance excesses are called a compulsory excess. Additionally you can add a voluntary excess to your policy, this is done to get a cheap insurance quotation at renewal. In this instance the compulsory and voluntary excesses are combined and the policy holder will pay the total.

For example if your car insurance policy had a £100.00 excess and you added a voluntary excess of £400.00, this means you will pay £500.00 for any claims you make against your policy. So for a £1000.00 repair, your insurance will pay £500.00 and you will pay the other £500.00.


At Paintless Dent Repair NI we will pay your excess up to the value of £500.00. Lets say you have the misfortune to experience a hit and run. For example you're out at the shops and return to your parked car to find it has been hit causing damage. The repair quotation may run into hundreds of pounds and you may have no choice but to claim through your insurance. But don't worry we will pay your insurance excess up to the value of £500.00.  


"your car, your choice"

Most car insurance providers will offer to have your car fixed by an approved repairer.


You have a legal right to choose who repairs your car, even if you're making a car insurance claim for it.

If you choose we can help you keep the cost of you're insurance claim to a minimum, by sourcing quality OEM (original equipment manufacturer) second hand parts to use during your car repair.

We are with you every step of the way and can also include a courtesy car whilst your car is being repaired.

We don't charge any fee's for providing you with a detailed estimate.

Your repair with Paintless Dent Repair NI will come with our Lifetime Ownership Guarantee!

Lifetime Ownership Guarantee!


If for any reason you are unhappy with the work carried out by Paintless Dent Repair NI, you can rest assured that your repair is guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle.



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We are dedicated to building Belfast's best SMART Repair business based on customer service as our customers are integral to our success and drive everything we do as a business.


Customer service goes beyond providing a quality repair job. Paintless Dent Repair NI has built a reputation for competitive estimates, fast, realistic turnaround times and keeping the customer informed of progress.

We believe every customer is different and Paintless Dent Repair NI has the awareness, agility and heart to respond to special situations. For some customers, their vehicle is their livelihood. In other cases, a vehicle may be fundamental to wellbeing or mobility.

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Some repairs can be carried out as a mobile service either at your home or place of work, we will confirm if this is possible during quotation.

Has Your Vehicle Received Minor Damage?


Finding unexpected cosmetic damage on your vehicle is never a pleasant experience. Whether it's from a low speed collision, a shopping trolley ding, a scuffed bumper, vandalism scratches like a keyed door, or maybe an empty wheelie bin fell over in the wind and dented your car. Fear not! Paintless Dent Repair NI can repair most minor cosmetic damage.

We understand you lead a busy life and can't or shouldn't be without your car for an extended period of time. Which is why we can complete most repairs in only a few hour, with minimum disruption and keeping you on the road.

A SMART repair doesn't mean a lesser quality repair. All our SMART repairs are covered with the Life Time Ownership Guarantee.

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Why Should You Choose Paintless Dent Repair NI To Repair Your Car

All our SMART repairs carry a Lifetime Ownership Guarantee (terms & conditions apply)

Most SMART repairs are completed to an extremely high standard within a few hours

Avoid potential damage penalty fee's when returning a privately leased car

Maximize your cars resale value for a private sale or for a part exchange

Our own in house spray booth and oven to achieve the best finish


The 4 steps to having your vehicle repaired with Paintless Dent Repair NI





Its simple! Take some clear photos during daylight of what needs repaired on your car, please make sure the area is clean and dry and send to us to assess.

We will review your photos and in most cases be able to give you an estimate. If we need to assess the vehicle in person we will arrange this with you.

Arrange a date and time for your vehicle to be repaired and pay your deposit. We will provide an estimate for how long the repair should take.

Pay by cash, credit/debit card or bank transfer when the repair is complete. Rest easy knowing your repair is covered with the guarantee. 

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