Do you have a dent in your vehicle that you want to get repaired? There are two basic techniques that can be used to do it. One is traditional dent repair and the other is paintless dent repair. Take a look at what each one entails below to see which would be the best option for you.


Traditional dent repair is a technique that’s been used for many years now. When a person brings their vehicle into a body shop and asks for traditional dent repair, a body shop will pound dents out and eliminate them from the vehicle.

This technique is very effective, but problem with it is that it disrupts the paint on a vehicle and forces the body shop to do additional work to bring the look of the vehicle back to life. The area where the vehicle was dented will often require sanding and repainting. This can make the process very costly, and in many cases, insurance companies won’t even recommend it to their customers due to the expenses associated with it.


Paintless dent repair is a newer technique offered by some body shops that takes a much different approach to the dent repair process. Rather than pounding out a dent, a company offering paintless dent repair will use specific tools in order to restore the shape of a vehicle without using sanding or repainting.

The paintless dent repair process doesn’t interrupt the paint on the surface of your vehicle, so once the dent is removed, it will look like new without any additional work needing to be done to it. This makes paintless dent repair a much cheaper option since you won’t need to replace any parts or do any painting.

If you’re interested in having paintless dent repair done, you should not attempt to do it on your own. It might look easy enough, but you should leave the job to the professionals. They’ll be able to tell you if paintless dent repair will work for you, and they’ll also be able to remove dents from your vehicle with ease if it’s your best option.

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Whether you acc

identally backed into a pole or your bumper got scratched by a grocery trolley, a little bump or dent can be a big deal. Taking your car into an auto body shop, going through insurance, and waiting for the repair to complete is such a hassle. Is it worth your time and money?

We believe you deserve a car that looks great at an affordable price, without compromising your convenience. Here is a run-down of what it would cost to fix your bumper.


Each year, there are about 1,000's of bumpers that are replaced and thrown out into landfills. However, more often than not, replacing the bumper is unnecessary! Many auto body shops will replace bumpers because it’s easier and makes them more money. Bumper replacements are only necessary when the bumper is severely damaged and the total cost to repair it is higher than a replacement. Replacing a bumper with an OEM replacement ( original equipment manufacturer could cost anywhere between £500-£700 for new parts and £400 -£1000 for labour at main dealer body shops. The cost is usually dependent on the year, make, and model of a car, as well as the body shop’s labour costs. Don't forget manufacturer dealerships get financially rewarded on the levels of revenue they put through. So I ask you will they repair a bumper or put a new OEM bumper?

With Paintless Dent Repair NI services, we never want to overcharge our customers or take the easy way out. If we think your bumper can be repaired we will tell you and we are up to the challenge of repairing it usually for less than a few hundred pounds.


PDR – Paintless dent repair is a method of removing dents without paint damage. Using specialised tools and a little bit of heat, your mobile body shop technician will pull out the dent and restore it to its original form, usually takes about 1-2 hours and costs about £50 - £130.

Traditional Dent Repair – A traditional dent repair with Paintless Dent Repair NI takes about 3-4 hours and will cost, on average, £250-£350. Our technicians pull the dent out by using specialized tools, smooth out the area, and then paint the damaged area with Max Meyer Paint.

Scrapes & Scuffs – When it comes to scrapes and scuffs, we will buff the area, use a filler to smooth it, and then sand it down. The last step is to paint the bumper. The whole process will be about 5-6 hours and may cost £150-£200 to repair.

Cracks – Cracks are minor fractures or splits in the bumper, which Paintless Dent Repair NI can fix by filling in the crack with a plastic filler and sanding down the area until smooth. Once the filler is dried, we’ll paint it. On average, our bumper crack repair costs £175-£240 and takes 5-6 hours.

Holes & Punctures – Holes and punctures in the bumper cost about £240-£350 at our repair shop. Our techs smooth out the damaged area and then use a strong adhesive to patch up the area from behind. We’ll fill in the area, smooth it out, and then paint it. This process takes usually takes 5-6 hours but can take longer for more technical damage.

Getting your bumper repaired with Paintless Dent Repair NI is transparent, simple, and hassle-free, we even offer a collect / delivery service to your door. We provide free estimates that require zero obligation. Request a quote today for your free estimate.

Leasing a car for work or pleasure can be a worrying time, as you are responsible for a car, which is potentially worth a lot of money, that does not belong to you. If you notice a scratch or dent on the lease vehicle before you hand it back you could face a hefty charge.

Check your policy documents or speak to one of the leasing company adviser's and get confirmation what is classed as wear and tear, and what their penalties are for everything outside of wear and tear. You can then quite easily do a quick calculation as to how much the penalties are likely to be.

Should I repair a scratch or dent on my lease car?

Generally speaking it worth having dents and scratches to a lease car repaired before returning it, because the majority of the time SMART repairs will cost you less than the lease company penalties, and the damage will also reduce the cars resell value potentially increasing any negative equity you may have.

Fill out our online form today for your no-obligation repair estimate.


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